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Best affordable and portable piano keyboards for kids and young beginners. Buying guide for parents.

Best Piano-Keyboards for kids buying guide

Playing the piano keyboard is a great way for kids to be creative and grow in confidence! But where should they get started? Check out our helpful guide of some of the best keyboards we've played and tested for younger students just getting started.

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Best Guitars for Kids and Players with Small Hands

Best guitars for kids buying guide

Are you a young beginner guitarist or a parent looking for your child's first instrument? If so, you're in luck! In this guide, we'll discuss the best electric and acoustic guitars for younger students just getting started and players with smaller hands.

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young piano student practicing

Easy Way to Find Piano Music Notes

When a student first starts learning to play the piano the sheer number of notes can be intimidating, even frustrating, especially for kids. When you look at a piano, you may have noticed that the black notes of the piano are always in groups of twos and threes…

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young boy guitar student tuning his guitar

how to tune your own guitar

Have you ever tried playing a song you know on the guitar but it ends up sounding really weird? Can’t figure out why? It’s probably because your guitar is out of tune. Don’t worry! With some practice, and the right tools, tuning your guitar is simple and easy.

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young beginner piano student learning major and minor chords

Piano chords for beginners

If you’re interested in playing your favorite songs on the piano or keyboard, knowing how to play chords is essential! Stick around to learn more about chords and how to play them.

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Music Producer making beats on home studio DAW and MIDI gear

top 10 beats for music prodcuers

Making beats and getting into music production is a great way to express yourself! For kids and teens, making music and sharing it with friends is a creative way to stay connected. Check out these popular beats every growing music producer should know!

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what is a guitar capo for and how to use it

what is a guitar capo used for?

Have you ever wondered about those little clamps that guitarists use? Well, let's take a minute to learn exactly what a capo is and how it can help you play and sing your favorite songs!

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Creative music and art gifts for a young child

gift ideas for creative kids

Looking for the perfect gift for a creative child? We’ve put together a short list and a few fun categories to help you inspire your child’s creativity, foster their imagination, and strengthen their problem solving skills.

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guitar student learning barre chords

how to play guitar barre chords

Barre Chords are flexible chord shapes that unlock the ability to play 1000’s of songs! Learning how to play Barre Chords is also a great way for beginners to find all of the notes on the neck of the guitar.

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