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beat makers

Make Your Own Beats and Remix Popular Songs for 2nd-5th.

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music production for kids!

Lay down some beats and jam to your own songs this semester in Beat Makers! Kids in 2nd-5th compose and collaborate with friends as they create fresh beats and songs using virtual instruments on music recording software.

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right at your school

Creative STEAM classes for 10 to 15 students right at your child’s school each week! Beat Making classes typically take place over a 12-week semester with one 50-minute class per week.

music laptop for every child

We bring laptop computers with state-of-the-art music production software to every class. Students also receive online accounts to save their songs so they can continue composing at home and collaborate with friends!

creative S.T.E.A.M. Lessons

Our lessons are built to help 2nd-5th grade students cover a wide range of creative and technical aspects to making music, as well as exploring the science of acoustics and mathematical relationships between various rhythms.

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Hear new music created by students in Beat Makers!

Click on the images below to hear original songs and remixes.

Beat making song by boy student in FineArtsMatterBeat making song by girl student in FineArtsMatter