Private lessons are a great way for students to develop basic musicianship and confidence in their ability to learn and master new skills. FineArtsMatter provides lessons for students in Kindergarten all the way through to adult learners on the Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass Guitar and Drums. You're never too young or too old to start enjoying the fun and sense of achievement that comes with playing a musical instrument!

Lesson Overview:

Private lessons consist of structured, cumulative study as well as student directed projects based upon the student’s personal musical taste. For example, the first part of a lesson may be used to learn rudimentary scale patterns while the latter portion might use the newly learned scale in a song that's familiar to the student. Learning what you like is the best way to ensure that students practice and develop their new-found skills!

At Your Home:

Our highly qualified and background screened teachers come to your home once a week at a time that is mutually agreed upon between you and your teacher. This saves you and your family valuable time by avoiding extra driving and 'sitting around' in a music studio. 

In Your Neighborhood:

We have experienced and background screened instructors ready to teach you or your child in...
- Metro Atlanta, GA
- Nashville & Middle Tennessee
- Montgomery County, MD
- Fairfax County, VA
- Columbus, OH
- Orlando, FL
- Detroit, MI

Growing As A Musician:

Consistent practice, of whatever amount of time is achievable, will greatly affect the student’s growth and enjoyment of their instrument. Starting at 5-10 minutes a day is a realistic goal for younger students, while 15-30 minutes is more appropriate for older students.

Lesson Rates:

$35 Per Half Hour for Private Lesson*
$65 Per One Hour for Private Lesson
$35 Each Per Hour for Semi-Private Lesson for Two (50% Discount!)
$25 Each Per Hour for Group Lesson for Three or More (66% Discount!!!)
*($30 Per Half Hour for 2nd Private Lesson for Sibling)