Why Do FineArtsMatter?

Art is all around us. Whether you're looking at a painting in a museum, dancing to a catchy song, or holding the beautiful ceramic mug your child brought home from school, art and creativity are woven into every part of our lives. At FineArtsMatter, we want to foster the creativity and passion that goes into each painting, song, and precious mug.

Fine arts inspire creativity

We believe everyone is creative and has the ability to create. We want to inspire the next generation to have the freedom to discover their talents and abilities, and show the world what they can do! The fine arts help students awaken to the true potential inside themselves and creatively explore all the possibilities that life has to offer them.

fine arts promote self-confidence

In every FineArtsMatter class, we give students the opportunity to succeed. Whether they’re learning to play an instrument for the first time, mastering a new song, or memorizing complex choreography, we applaud our student’s achievements every step of the way. Why? Because we believe that confident students will go on to shine in every area of their lives!

fine arts facilitate personal growth

Over and over again, we are thrilled and honored by the tangible growth we see in every student. From the first day of class to the Final Performance, we are proud to provide the skilled teachers and outstanding curriculum that amplify the way our students view themselves and the world around them.

fine arts are fun!!!

It is widely known that Fine Arts classes help boost academic achievement, but did you know that Fine Arts make you happy? Having a space to learn a new skill with friends while expressing yourself creatively opens your eyes to the joy around you! We love watching our students have so much fun in class and leave with a smile!