The FineArtsMatter Story...

Thank you so much for your interest in FineArtsMatter. We provide music and dance classes, inspiring creativity in students of all ages in over 245 locations in 7 states, and still growing!

Our Story

FineArtsMatter was founded in 2010 by elementary school music teacher, guitar player, and graduate of the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Jonathan Eftychiou. Guitar Club was our first program offered at five schools with over 90 students enrolled! Students loved the fun and relevant songs they learned and parents were thrilled when they saw their child perform together with a group at the end of the semester. Nine years later, we now offer six unique, engaging, and educational enrichment classes to 1000’s of students every year at schools and community centers, in addition to private in-home instruction.

Our Mission:

To Inspire Creativity In The Next Generation!


Jonathan Eftychiou, Founder


Our Values


CREATIVE. We never stop imagining new ways to inspire our students to discover their creative potential.

HOPEFUL. We believe the arts matter, and that the experiences we give students can impact their lives, and in some small way, improve the world we live in.

CURIOUS. As teachers, we are life-long learners, and we love nurturing that same curiosity in our students.

FUN! We love having fun and we love what we do! We create an enjoyable and encouraging environment for all of our students!

Meet the FineArtsMatter Team!

Jonathan circle.jpg

Jonathan Eftychiou
Founder & CEO

Michael circle.jpg

Michael Silvey
Director of Operations

Team Headshots-06.jpg

Callie Tucciarone
Employee Relations

Maddi Headshot-09.jpg

Maddi Mercer
Recruiting & Marketing


Regional Directors

Joe Pangallo.jpg

Joe Pangallo
Middle Tennessee
Huntsville, AL

Jon Townson-08.jpg

Jon Towson
Central Florida

John Wallace-07.jpg

John Wallace
Montgomery Co., MD
Fairfax Co., VA

Sky Young.jpg

Sky Young
Columbus, OH

John D headshot-07.jpg

John DeGarmo
Richmond, VA


Why do the Fine Arts Matter?


We believe the arts inspire students to be curious, creative, and confident! At FineArtsMatter, it is our goal as teachers, to guide our students by helping them become curious learners, creative thinkers, and confident performers, who will go on to shape their own lives and the world around them for good.


cu·ri·os·i·ty | n: the desire to know, investigate, and learn. The arts foster curiosity as students explore new ideas, solve technical challenges, and expand their artistic horizons.


cre·a·tiv·i·ty | n: the ability to imagine and make something new. The arts inspire creativity as students express themselves, connect with like-minded students, and acquire the tools to create their own works of art!


con·fi·dence | n: the awareness of your own ability to succeed. The arts promote confidence as students learn new skills, practice the art of self-discipline, and experience the joy or performing together as a group.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Are instruments provided for kidzkeys & guitar club?

YES! We bring guitars and keyboards to every class, for every student, every week. We want our classes to be accessible for every child, even if they don’t have an instrument at home! Music and take-home lessons are also provided each week for every child. We do have an online store where you can purchase the same instruments your child will be using in class if you want to help them practice at home.

do you offer payment plans or discounts?

YES! When you enroll your child you will have the option of paying in full or choosing our convenient 4-Month Payment Plan (available for most programs). We also offer multiple discounts, including Early-Bird, Sibling, Multi-Season, and Referral Rewards. Join our mailing list below to receive current offers. Start saving and enroll now!

can my child join class in the 2nd semester?

YES! Every semester starts fresh with an introduction to the basic elements of the guitar, keyboard, or dance before we start learning new songs or choreography. We believe in making our class accessible to all levels of experience and our teachers are trained to help students learn at their own pace by regularly setting aside moments during class for one-on-one instruction.

How much do classes cost?

Our classes are roughly 2/3 the cost of private studio instruction, and we offer the added convenience of teaching your child right at your school! Please check our enrollment pagechoose your region and scroll down to find your school to see specific pricing. Tuition varies upon the length of program. 

can my 3rd grader join kidzkeys?

Our curriculum has been designed for students in K through 2nd grade, but if your 3rd grader is a beginner or has a younger sibling in the class, it will still be a great experience for them! You can enroll them now

My child has taken private lessons, will they still benefit from class?

YES, absolutely! Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed to benefit both beginners and students who have previous lessons. Our classroom experience is unique and gives students an opportunity to learn with other students, like they’re in a band! We've discovered that this environment is both encouraging and challenging at the same time, and gives students a chance to learn from and be inspired by the hard work and progress of their peers. Your child will also have tons of fun performing with their friends in our Final Performance at the end of the semester!

do you offer private lessons?

YES! Many of our excellent classroom teachers also teach in-home private lessons. Private lessons are a great compliment to the group experience offered in Guitar Club and KidzKeys. You can even schedule your first lesson FREE!



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