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  • Performance dates and times and subject to change! Please check back when your child's performance date is getting close.

  • Email reminders will be sent a few days before your child's performance - make sure you can receive emails from!

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Rutherford County, TN and Metro Nashville Schools

Barfield Elem | Guitar Club:
Tues., May 16th at 4:30pm

Barfield Elem | KidzKeys:
Tues., May 16th at 4:10pm

Rock Springs Elem | Guitar Club:
Fri., May 17th at 2:50pm

Rock Springs Elem | KidzKeys:
Fri., May 17th at 2:40pm

Rock Springs Elem | Let’s Dance:
Tues., April 30th at 3:00pm

Rockvale Elem | Guitar Club:
Mon., May 13th at 3:10pm

Rockvale Elem | KidzKeys:
Mon., May 13th at 2:55pm

Rockvale Elem | Let’s Dance:
Thurs., May 16th at 3:40pm

Stanford Montessori | Guitar Club:
Mon., May 6th at 3:30pm

Stanford Montessori | KidzKeys:
Mon., May 6th at 3:15pm

Stanford Montessori | Let’s Dance:
Wed., April 30th at 3:15pm

Wilson Elem | Guitar Club:
Wed., May 8th at 2:50pm

Wilson Elem | KidzKeys:
Wed., May 8th at 3:20pm

Wilson Elem | Let’s Dance:
Mon., May 20th at 2:40pm 


Sumner County Schools, TN


Merrol Hyde Elem | Guitar Club:
Thurs., May 9th at 3:40pm

Merrol Hyde Elem | KidzKeys:
Thurs., May 9th at 3:25pm

Station Camp Elem | Guitar Club:
Tues., May 14th at 4:30pm

Station Camp Elem | KidzKeys:
Tues., May 14th at 4:10pm

Station Camp Elem
| Let’s Dance:
Thurs., May 2nd at 3:55pm


Madison City Schools, AL


Columbia Elem | Guitar Club:
Tues., April 30th at 3:10pm

Columbia Elem | KidzKeys:
Tues., April 30th at 2:55pm

Heritage Elem | Guitar Club:
Wed., May 1st at 3:05pm

Heritage Elem | KidzKeys:
Wed., May 1st at 2:55pm

Horizon Elementary | Guitar Club:
Mon., May 13th at 3:15pm

Horizon Elementary | KidzKeys:
Mon., May 13td at 3:00pm

Rainbow Elementary | Guitar Club:
Thurs., May 9th at 3:55pm

Rainbow Elementary | KidzKeys:
Thurs., May 9th at 3:35pm