Music Makers for Pre-K

The Music Makers class offers action-packed group instruction that every preschool-aged student will love! Each child will experience hands-on learning with instruction from our engaging and enthusiastic teachers. Our lessons allow students to explore music fundamentals through the use of movement, creative expression, and various pitched and percussive instruments. Each child will even have their own keyboard, and will learn to play throughout the semester! Music Makers typically lasts for 12 weeks with one 45-minute class each week. 

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First steps in music

Our kid-friendly and qualified teachers know how to make music fun at every age, and are committed to creating an engaging learning environment for each child. Through enthusiastic and creative instruction, students will build self-confidence, enhance attention spans, develop listening skills, and so much more! Class sizes are limited to 15 at a time to maintain a high teacher to student ratio.

erforming ZooRhythms™

Students of all ages love creating rhythm with their hands, feet and voices. Learning to differentiate the many rhythms of traditional notation can be challenging, however. Using our ZooRhythms method, young students will enjoy learning rhythms with the use of animal names and the number of syllables they create. For example, Bear = 1 Quarter Note, while Alligator = 4 Sixteenth Notes. Students will practice the rhythm of each song by vocalizing ZooRhythms and performing them on a variety of instruments. 


reading musical notation 

Our teachers bring keyboards for individual instruction during each class! Through the use of the Chroma-Notes™ color-coded notation system, we enable students to more quickly create associations between their keyboard and the notes written on the musical staff. Used around the world with the popular Boomwhackers® Musical Tubes, this system is now easily applied to any instrument with Chroma-Notes™ stickers. Students will love the vibrant colors and quickly find their way around the keyboard!

let’s get up & move!

Children love to sing and dance! Movement is a great way for children to hone their understanding of rhythm and the beat, and confidently build upon the music fundamentals they learn during our class. Through the use of carefully-crafted movement exercises and action songs, children will learn to play and understand music while building social skills and expressing themselves creatively!