Baby & Me for Ages 0-2


The Baby & Me class offers an opportunity for your child’s first hands-on experience with music and movement! Our group classes provide a fun and relaxed environment that foster social, language, and motor skill development! Our encouraging and enthusiastic teachers are ready to guide you and your baby on a creative journey in the arts. Join Baby & Me to sing, dance, and explore the world of music with your baby!


social opportunities

Our unique classes provide an interactive bonding experience for you and your baby. Your presence ensures an individualized and special experience for your child, while being in a group class provides baby with opportunities for social growth. Your child will have the opportunity to experience music by watching their teacher, mimicking you, and experiencing music and movement activities themselves!

first steps in fine arts

Our nurturing teachers know how to make music and movement fun at every age. Teachers are committed to creating an engaging learning environment where each child and parent can feel inspired to sing and dance along to express their creativity. Through carefully crafted lessons and instruction, children and parents will enjoy learning about the world of music for the first time, together!


musical benefits for your child

Music fosters cognitive AND physical development! Listening to music from a young age helps to create synapses in the brain that promote future language and literacy development. Our teachers bring various pitched and percussive instruments along with textured props to promote fine and gross motor skills. Finally, music education stimulates curiosity and creativity, helping children understand the world around them in a new way!

move and groove!

Movement is a great way for children to build motor skills and create a foundation for the music fundamentals. Movement helps to hone each child’s understanding of rhythm, and fosters coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Through the use of fun, upbeat movement exercises and action songs, children will learn to understand music and movement while building social skills and expressing themselves creatively!